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Connecting Communities to the High-Speed Internet

Platocom has extensively focused on the Rural Communities, the unserved, the underserved, and emerging connectivity markets to verify the validity of non-connected Americans. Platocom is now partnering with operators in rural America to assist in deploying a private network segment. By adopting connectivity by any means necessary, Platocom can now install last-mile broadband to households and businesses.


The lack of High-Speed Internet Access in rural America is an American issue, an American competitiveness issue, and an American national security issue. We hope to help to bridge the digital divide in rural America.

Mission Vision
Connect communitis to internet

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Platocom's Mission and Vision

Platocom is on a mission to democratize High-Speed Internet Access for rural Americans. We founded the company to help communities get the High-Speed Internet Access they deserve through our Public-Private Partnership (PPP), B2B, and B2G (Gov) business model. 


We are not founded on corporate greed but on leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and network in the telecom and ISP industry. Our growing team partners with successful companies so we can leverage each other's network and together help bridge the digital divide in the United States. Together we do our part to help Americans get the internet speed they need to thrive, at an affordable price.

The Problem

  • An estimated 44 million households in the United States are without internet access.

  • Millions with access can’t afford it because America has some of the highest broadband prices in the world.

  • Millions are without because there is no internet connection to their home, and have to rely on mobile data plans to connect to the internet.

  • 25% of American Farmers and Ranchers do not have access to High-Speed Internet.


The Problem

How Platocom's Services can support 5G in Rural America

With the fiber network being deployed, it will be viable for a town or municipality to negotiate with one or several mobile operators to have 5G mobile masts installed. 


In order for 5G to operate effectively, more masts are generally required and fiber connectivity along with bandwidth. 


Platocom Broadband does not get involved in the 5G development. This is simply to illustrate the option rural towns will have once our fiber is in the ground.

5G Rural

The Solution

The Solution


25% of American farmers do not have internet access. We are committed to doing our part to get non-urban areas connected to the High-Speed internet, at an affordable and fair price.

We offer cheaper, better, and faster internet access than the corporate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) because we are founded on a burning desire to help Americans get connected to the High-Speed Internet. We live in rural America and we understand and experience the problem of slow internet first hand.


High-Speed Internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Platocom Broadband offers affordable and fast internet to America's farmers.
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Platocom focuses on the unserved and underserved people in rural communities. An estimated 42M households across the country do not have internet access. 


To help bridge the digital divide, Platocom is now partnering with operators across the country to assist in deploying a private network segment.


By providing connectivity by any means necessary, Platocom can now install last-mile broadband to households and businesses in rural America.

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