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About us

About Us

Founded by a team of data center specialists and media trailblazers, Platocom's mission is to guide customers in making informed IT decisions. As a Digital Infrastructure Company, we focus on the planning and execution of data center migration, data center audits, data center compliance, data center decommissioning, colocation and cloud hosting.


With offices in New York and Virginia, Platocom provides services including Data Center Audits, Data Center Decommissioning, Data Center Compliance, B2B Internet Access, Colocation, Cloud Hosting Services, and much more.


Platocom's Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Platocom logo

Platocom is s stakeholder driven company. We operates via a dynamic Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, collaborating with a diverse portfolio of stakeholders.


This includes private investors, telecommunication companies (telcos), utility companies, municipalities, counties, leading hardware providers and our esteemed advisors.


Together, we strive to identify the most effective, future-proof, and cost-efficient network solution aimed at achieving universal connectivity. While our primary focus is rural America, we are leveraging our expertise globally.


Platocom's expertise lie in enhancing digital infrastructure to establish a secure and future-proof networks; installation of new fiber optic ecosystems in rural regions, setting up Edge Data Centers, and modernizing deteriorated network infrastructure and optimize digital security.

Meet the Team

Founded by a team of data center specialists and media trailblazers, our mission is to guide customers in making informed IT decisions. 

CEO, Co-founder

Linda Saetre

A multilingual, senior-level tech and media executive and consultant with extensive experience in managing projects of all sizes in the US and abroad. An innovative, self-motivated, and solution-oriented leader who identifies and aligns sales and programming goals with creative, revenue-generating solutions. 

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Richard Alexander profile picture

CTO, Co-founder

Richard Alexander

Richard is an accomplished information technology professional skilled in Data Center, Management, Project Implementation, Business Process Improvement, and Troubleshooting. He is a master at solving network issues and skilled at overseeing IT infrastructure resources to achieve organizational goals. 

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Advisory Board

Platocom's advisors' collective expertise and dedication bring invaluable insights that steer our organization towards success and exceptional customer service. We're incredibly fortunate to have such a talented and committed group of individuals shaping our journey. Thank you for their unwavering support and contributions!

Bob Murphy

Bob Murphy profile picture.jpg
Motivated, personable business executive with a diverse background in Telecommunication Leadership and Operations.
With a successful 20-year track record of Managing and Deployment of Large Scale Data Center, Central Office, Optical Transport, GPON, and Wireless Networks. 
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Eileen Kim

Eileen Kim

profile picture Eileen Kim
Eileen Kim, an investor, adviser, and consultant specializing in blockchain startups, brings extensive expertise in financing, developing, and managing early-stage and growth companies.
At BlackRock's Official Institutions Group, she spearheaded global strategic initiatives, serving sovereign wealth funds and central banks. With FINRA licenses in the US and French investment qualifications, she graduated with honors from Columbia University and speaks English, Korean, French, and Italian.
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Kenneth Roko

Kenneth Roko profile picture
Extensive telecommunications and information technology (IT) entrepreneur experience. Over 30 years of experience in domestic and international corporate and global technical and engineering program management and business development experience (in 105 countries).
On site or remote business process engineering services including program management, business operation continual improvement and company start-up logistics and planning.
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Michael Byers-Norton

Profile photo Michael Byers-Norton
As a versatile and accomplished professional in the Data Center and Network Infrastructure industries, Michael brings a unique blend of high-level experience, analytical expertise, and strategic thinking to every project.
His diverse background spans various roles, including Sr. Director of New Program Development, Sr. Solutions Architect, Sales Engineer, Manager of Sales Engineering, and Senior Product Manager.
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Get to Know Platocom

Platocom offers a comprehensive solution through our unique approach known as Service Delivery as a Service (SdaaS©). We kick off the process by actively listening to and diagnosing your technology challenges. Our team of data center specialists conducts a thorough analysis of your existing network and technology landscape – this step is akin to "diagnosing the problem" or conducting an audit.

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