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Platocom Broadband is on a quest to help Virginians achieve universal, affordable broadband. We are equipped to offer robust, future-proof broadband to rural locations overlooked by the cable and ISP monopolies.


Hanging fiber on utility poles is not a permanent network solution and not worthy of Virginia who is suffering from a digital divide with 500,000 households with no or way too slow internet.


Our primary strategy is to develop Platocom Broadband as the most reliable, future-proof, service-minded, and cost-effective broadband provider for the nearly two million Virginians who are suffering from slow or no internet, or with only one service provider to choose from. In our industry, we have seen too many cases of “temporary becoming permanent” which has led to the situation we find ourselves in today. 

Platocom Broadband is determined to help connect rural Virginia. This means investing in the data infrastructure and setting up more data centers on the edge and thus stretch the tech corridor into rural areas. There is no shortcut, and yes, it is expensive.

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  • Virginia does not have universal broadband. Rural areas are left to fend for themselves and are subjected to exorbitant high internet rates.

  • 600,000 Virginians are without any Internet Access. This is an estimated 231,000 households.


  • Roughly 700,000 Virginians are without sufficient broadband access to fulfill the requirements for telework, school, or pursuing economic opportunities/employment. This is an estimated 269,000 households.


  • 600,000 Virginians have limited options and can only obtain service from only One Internet Provider. This is an estimated 231,000 households.


  • 200,000 K-12 students and 60,000 college students in Virginia lack access to sufficient broadband capacity at home.


  • Of roughly 200 data centers, less than 10% of those data centers are in rural Virginia.


  • Access to Telemedicine is impossible without sufficient broadband where the doctor or nurse can video conference with the patient (and other diagnostic capabilities now and in the near future). 

  • Internet service is too expensive in rural areas. This impacts education, business, healthcare, agriculture, access to media, and overall quality of life, and the home-work gap has long-term, negative effects on students.

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With PLATOCOM as your internet provider or partner, there is no more slow internet, no more high cost for terrible internet service. If you choose us, working from home, remote learning and homework, checking in on family and friends via video calls, will be a seamless experience. At a fair price.

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